Ryan’s “Still Frosty” Thursday Evening Forecast

South Mississippi saw the start of a warming trend this afternoon, but it’ll still be a bit frosty as we head through the overnight hours. This frost will form on the surface of cars, leaves, and grass, but won’t be an issue for travel around South MS. Any ice on roadways should have melted this afternoon, but you should still approach bridges and overpasses with caution. We’ll warm quickly into the 50s by tomorrow afternoon, and by Saturday we’ll be in the mid-to-upper 60s. There are no current fronts nearby, but one will develop on the lee-side of the Rockies Saturday afternoon and will move into the Southeast by Sunday afternoon. Rain chances increase significantly by Monday morning, and while no severe weather is expected, a few thunderstorms are possible. The air behind this front is slightly cooler and drier, but I’m only expecting a fall into the upper 50s by next Wednesday with another warming trend beginning almost immediately. Don’t forget the frosty conditions tonight though, and remember to protect your four Ps! (pets, pipes, plants, and people)

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