hard freeze

Surge in injuries from last week’s hard freeze

Most South Mississippians just aren’t used to having to deal with the hazards that come with frigid winter weather. Last week’s hard freeze sent hundreds to the emergency rooms and clinics have been full of patients injured from falling on…

Ryan's "Still Frosty" Thursday Evening Forecast

This afternoon was significantly warmer than the last few have been, but we're in for one more night below freezing in the short term. Click this forecast link for more details.

01/15 Ryan's "Much Colder" Monday Night Forecast

Mostly clear and cold tonight, but an Arctic front is moving in that will bring even colder air and even some possible winter weather! Click the forecast link for the latest information.

01/15 Ryan's "Arctic Front" Monday Forecast

After a warm and humid start to the week we'll see some drastic changes as another Arctic front pushes into South MS, bringing the slight chance of wintry weather. Click the link for the details.

01/02 Ryan's "Flurry" Tuesday Evening Forecast

More sub-freezing temperatures ahead for the next few nights, but we're already seeing some slight warming which will continue gradually through the week. Click the forecast link for details.

Preparing for a hard freeze

If you’ve been outside today you already know that it’s cold, but we haven’t seen the lowest temperatures yet as a hard freeze is settling in across the United States. Be sure to take steps to prepare your home for…

12/08 Ryan's "Hard Freeze" Friday Night Forecast

The winter weather has moved on, but even colder conditions are moving in as cooler and drier air forces the active weather from the area. Watch the forecast for the full forecast.