Ryan’s “Lundi Gras” Monday Night Forecast

Happy Lundi Gras South Mississippi, and it’s looking like Mardi Gras won’t be as wet as we thought. Last weekend’s rain has moved to the East, but the cloud cover and humidity will remain for a few more days. As the cold front begins to stretch out, it will become a warm front and begin pushing Northward towards the Gulf Coast, but right as it closes in it will become more stationary. This means while we enjoyed some slightly drier and cooler weather today, even more moisture and warmer conditions will move in by tomorrow. So while today was windy and a little chilly, tomorrow will warm back into the upper 60s/low 70s in South MS. Despite this influx of temperature and moisture, I don’t expect many showers, though an isolated few are certainly possible. Have an umbrella on hand for any Mardi Gras parades, but you won’t need it much and we’ll see the sun again by the middle of the week.

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