Ryan’s “Fall-ing Temps” Tuesday Forecast

Temperatures are “Fall-ing” (puns!) quickly for the second night in a row after a cold front moved through South Mississippi Monday morning. Expect tonight to fall into the mid 50s, and climb back into the upper 70s as we head into tomorrow afternoon. With the exception of some gradual warming, these conditions will last for the rest of the week, though Friday seems to be the point at which everything begins to change. Winds will have shifted to the South by then as the high pressure continues to slide Eastward, which will increase the humidity and instability. A front will move through between Saturday night and Monday morning which will bring increased cloud cover, showers, and t-storms, but severe weather is not expected. While this front continues Southward, we’ll see strong high pressure move in by Wednesday of next week and start cooling and drying again quickly.

No areas of development currently in the tropics.

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