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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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01/19 – Brantly’s “Sunny and Warmer” Tuesday Morning Forecast

High pressure remains in control over the Gulf Coast today, giving us another day of sunshine and dry, warm air. After starting out in...

01/13 Ryan’s “Warming!” Wednesday Evening Forecast

It's finally warming up a bit, but we'll see more chilly nights and cool days ahead.

11/20 Ryan’s “Dry Week” Friday Evening Forecast

With an extremely dry and sunny week behind us, we move into a more cloudy, warmer, and more humid week ahead as several fronts move in.

11/02 Ryan’s “Chilly” Monday Evening Forecast

Not too bad of a weekend anyway, but then a front moved through yesterday bringing even drier air to start the week.

10/05 Ryan’s “Great Start” Monday Evening Forecast

Nice start to the week after a practically perfect weekend, but tropical developments will likely bring that trend to a cloudy, stormy end.

10/01 Ryan’s “Fall Friday” Thursday Night Forecast

Nice fall afternoon ahead, which will linger though the weekend and into next week.

10/01 Ryan’s “Fall Front” Thursday Evening Forecast

October is here and a weak front is bringing some appropriately fall-like weather for the weekend and most of next week.

09/30 Ryan’s “Little Warmer” Wednesday Evening Forecast

The fall weather continues, and even cooler, drier air is moving in again soon!

09/29 Ryan’s “Fall Weather” Tuesday Evening Forecast

It may be a week late, but a long period of textbook fall-like weather has finally arrived!

09/02 Ryan’s “100 Degrees” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Hot and sunny today, but still manageable thanks to slightly drier air. Though that changes soon.

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01/22 Ryan’s “Damp” Friday Night Forecast

Cloudy skies moved in last night, but the rain waited until today...just didn't see all that much of it.

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1/22 – Rob Knight’s “Gray/Gloomy” Friday Afternoon Forecast

A band of rain continues to affect the area heading into this afternoon...

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