9/27 – Rob Knight’s “1st Weekend of Autumn” Forecast

Currently high pressure is centered over Pennsylvania with an extension southwest to our coastal waters. Not much change in the forecast scenario from the last few days. Any precipitation through the weekend will be extremely isolated, and the potential is not high enough to carry in the forecast.

With subsiding air in place, high temperatures have exceeded guidance in most locations almost every day for a few weeks now. Record highs will be in jeopardy, as the forecast is within a degree or two of those records.

As center of high-pressure drifts northward to the Tennessee-Alabama border area toward the middle of next week, easterly flow to the south of the ridge may drag a weak impulse across our coastal waters around Wednesday or Thursday. This would increase precipitation chances over our coastal waters and perhaps for portions of south Mississippi by next Thursday or Friday. Even then, we’re not talking much more than a minimal (20%) mention. For areas north of the Interstate 10-12 corridor, I don’t even see a minimal mention of precipitation until next weekend. It is entirely possible that much or all of the area remains dry through at least the first week of October.

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