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5/22 – Rob Knight’s Mid-Week “Getting HOTTER” Forecast

High-pressure continues to block the region from other systems along with a very warm start to the day...

5/21 – Rob Knight’s Warm & Humid Forecast

A VERY WARM and humid start to the day with areas of patchy fog along the coast...

5/20 – Rob Knight’s Monday Morning “HOT” Forecast

A very warm start to the day along with areas of PATCHY FOG...

5/16 – Rob’s Sunny & Warm Afternoon Forecast

Warming temperatures continues under sunny skies as a few clouds are developing along the coast...

5/16 – Rob Knight’s “Friday-Eve” morning Forecast

Another very nice start to the day as temperatures are just a bit warmer than the past few days...

5/15 – Rob’s “Mid-Week” Morning Forecast

A BEAUTIFUL start to the day under clear skis and cool temperatures...

5/14 – Rob’s “Sunny & Warm” Tuesday Morning Forecast

A VERY NICE start to the day with cool temperatures and slightly lower humidity...

5/13 – Rob’s “Return of Sunshine” Morning Forecast

Finally, a rain-free start to the day as a few clouds linger through south Mississippi...

5/8 – Rob Knight’s Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

The warm and humid conditions continue as skies have become mostly cloudy...

5/8 – Rob Knight’s “Mid-Week” Morning Forecast

A much warmer and humid start to the day with a complex of showers/t-storms to our south...

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