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3/16 – Rob’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Forecast

It was a much warmer start to the day with morning low temps about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. Moderate rainfall is now moving across the area...

3/15 – Rob’s “Friday-Eve” Warming Conditions Forecast

Another FROSTY start to the day...but the warm-up will begin later this afternoon...

3/14 – Rob’s “Midday News” Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

After another FRIGID start to the day, temps are a bit warmer this afternoon under sunny skies...

3/14 – Rob’s “Frigid” Mid-Week Morning Forecast

A COLD start with several locations inland below the freezing mark. A FROST ADVISORY continues though 9 a.m...

3/13 – Rob Knight’s Tuesday “Morning News” Forecast

A clear and COLD start to the day with temps in the low/mid 30s inland, mid/upper 30s along the coast...

3/12 – Rob’s Cooler/Sunny Workweek Forecast

A colder and windy start to the workweek with a few clouds which will erode quickly...

3/9 – Rob’s Warmer “Midday News” Weekend Forecast

Warming temperatures under beautiful blue skies as the humidity is beginning to return to the area...

3/9 – Rob Friday/Weekend Forecast

It's another COLD start heading into the weekend with inland areas under a FROST ADVISORY...

3/8 – Rob’s “Friday-Eve” Afternoon Forecast

After a FRIGID start at a few locations, temps are warming nicely with upper-level clouds moving cross the area...

3/8 – Rob’s COLD Thursday Morning Forecast

Thin upper-level clouds are moving into the area from the NW, with COLD temps as a few locations are in the low 30s...

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