05/02 Ryan’s “More Sunny” Thursday Forecast


It may have been more sunny today, but we aren’t done with clouds or fog just yet. Tonight will be just as humid as the last few have been, and light winds will allow for more fog. Clouds were clear for most of the day, but will begin to increase overnight.

This will finish off the week humid and grey, but we’ll still be dry until Saturday.

That’s when our next “weather maker” will move in. Right now it seems to be a slow-moving and disorganized cold front. It doesn’t really have the metrics associated with it to be concerned with severe weather, but thunderstorms will be possible. Current timing has it moving through between lunchtime and 6 PM, but there is little confidence in that right now. It’s something we’ll continue to update you on, especially with all the weekend activities going on. Either way, the weather begins to clear into next week but temperatures remain on the warmer and more humid side.