11/16 Ryan’s Wednesday Night Forecast

Wednesday afternoon was a few degrees warmer than expected, but tonight will remain chilly, low near 51. Calm winds will lead to some light fog development, but drier air will keep it from becoming dense or widespread. Expect some drastic diurnal (day/night) differences of at least 25-30 degrees over the next few days. Daytime highs will be near or above 80 as we head into the weekend, but evening lows will remain in the upper 50s, with cooler temperatures inland. Things change Friday night/Saturday morning as another cold front slides into the area as our ridge weakens and moves Eastward. This front will be better organized than the last and will have slightly higher rain chances, but only a few showers are expected. Expect strong cold air advection behind this front, leading to falling temperatures and breezy conditions with Northerly winds around 20 mph through much of the day. The “heart” of the cold pool will be overhead Sunday, meaning our coldest temperatures over the next week will be expected Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night. The latter in particular will have lows down to 39 along the waterfront, with temperatures dropping near or below freezing in our inland areas. The below average temperatures continue into Monday, but they’ll rebound quickly and be back into the low to mid 70s by next Wednesday.

There is an area of disturbance in the SW Caribbean sea, but it is not expected to leave that area for much of the next week. Gradual development is likely though, and a tropical depression is likely by the weekend.

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