10/4 – Payton’s Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

All eyes have turned to the tropics as Tropical Depression 16 has formed in the Southwestern Caribbean. The storm is forecasted to move to the north and strengthen as it enters the Gulf of Mexico and become Hurricane Nate. However, there is still quite a bit of uncertainty with the exact track once the storm moves into the Gulf of Mexico. Right now the National Hurricane Center track puts Jackson County and points east in the the “Cone of Uncertainty”, but because of the low confidence in this forecast, those from Louisiana to Florida should monitor the development of this storm very closely. A slight shift in the track could make a huge difference for South Mississippi as the storm approaches the Gulf Coast this weekend. We will have a much better idea of what track the storm will take over the next few days. Either way it is a good idea right now to go over your hurricane plan, and have it ready just in case.

The next few days will be nice with dry conditions and plenty of sun. Any impacts from this tropical system will be this weekend.

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