07/26 Ryan’s “Hot Days/Mild Nights” Wednesday Forecast

The rain that began the week kept us in the low to mid 80s in the afternoon, but today was the start of a string of blisteringly hot, humid days. Today’s high climbed to 93 in Gulfport and I expect tomorrows to climb a bit higher, near 95. The heat indices in the area will range between 100-105 degrees, and precautions should be taken to limit outdoor exposure as much as possible. The high pressure in the SE will slowly be pushed out of the way by a cold front moving in from the North on Saturday, which will bring showers, thunderstorms, and eventually some relatively cooler/drier air. None of these thunderstorms are expected to be severe at this time, but the potential is there, so we will continue to watch this developing situation.

A new disturbance was tagged in the Atlantic just South of the Cabo Verde Islands, and has a 20% of becoming our next tropical system within the next 5 days.

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