05/16 Ryan’s “Stormy Afternoon” Wednesday Evening Forecast

It was another slightly stormy afternoon in South Mississippi today, which is a trend that will continue for the rest of the week. These rain chances will be enhanced a bit over the next few days though, due to a weak tropical wave to the East bringing moisture and increased instability. One of these thunderstorms allegedly produced pea-sized hail, and while the claim is supported by radar there hasn’t been an official National Weather Service report yet. Use this as a reminder even though we generally only expect showers or a weak, short-lived thunderstorm under these situations, it isn’t out of the question severe or life-threatening weather could develop. Going forward, we’ll cool out of the 90s by Friday but will remain hot and humid in the upper 80s with a decent chance of afternoon showers every day. The most significant cooling will be a week from today as temperatures will fall into the mid 80s.

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