05/05 Ryan’s “Drying Out” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Things are drying out tonight after this morning’s rain, but other than that very little is happening weather-wise. That’s just fine though, as “boring weather is good weather.” Expect tonight to cool into the lower 60s thanks to clearing skies and light, northerly winds. Tomorrow afternoon will be warmer than today at 81 degrees, but with lower humidity.

Right when things look like they’ll start to go in a more humid direction, a weak front swings through early Friday.

It won’t bring us any cloudy skies or rain, but will drop temperatures a few more degrees for the start of the weekend. By the time Sunday rolls around we’re back into the 80s, but it’ll take until Monday before any significant cloud cover or rain is likely. Even then, much like this week it seems any activity will be drying up by next weekend.

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