04/05 Ryan’s “Nice & Drier” Thursday Night Forecast

It was another nice day today, even cooler and drier than the last, but return flow set up this afternoon and the humidity and temperature will rise into the weekend. Friday won’t be bad though, expect mid 70s temperatures and mostly sunny skies, but a cold front is moving in quickly and strong thunderstorms are expected overnight. Right now it’s looking like the highest chance for severe weather moves into South Mississippi between 8 pm and 2 am, with showers continuing until around noon before clearing. The official severe threat at the moment remains at slight/marginal, and I’ll continue to update as the time approaches if needed. This front drags another area of low pressure through by the start of the week, so the cloud cover, higher humidity, and a few scattered showers will remain until late Tuesday before we’ll see any significant clearing. Temperatures won’t drop drastically, but expect nice, drier conditions like today’s from Wednesday through Friday. Another front is expected by next Saturday, so enjoy the dry and sunny weather while you can.

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