04/01 Ryan’s “Sunny & Dry” Wednesday Evening Forecast

It really doesn’t get much better than today’s sunny and dry weather. The clear skies we enjoyed today will continue into the night with a slightly warmer low near 51. Expecting mostly clear skies for tomorrow afternoon as well, with a high in the mid 70s.

Winds throughout the forecast period will generally be light southerly in the afternoon, and slightly north or easterly at night.

We’ll see gradual warming for the rest of the week, to near 78 by Friday. Expect to cool slightly on Saturday as a slowly moving cold front closes in. It’s moving so slowly, expect it to not even to have passed through by Monday. That entire time we’ll see cloudy skies and scattered showers, but it’ll begin clearing by Tuesday. Not because it finally passes through, it’ll actually transition into a warm front and move away to the north. That will pull more warm, moist air into the area, so expect clearing skies but a much warmer and more humid high in the mid 80s by Wednesday.

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