03/21 Ryan’s “Perfect” Thursday Forecast

In my opinion today was perfect South Mississippi weather. Temperatures rose into the low 70s with ample sunshine, it remained dry, and the humidity less than 30%.

Many of these conditions will continue into the next few days, but afternoon sea breezes will have the humidity rising into the weekend.

It still won’t even qualify as muggy though until at least next week. By Monday, a weak front will be forced through bringing only scattered rain chances and more clear skies. Temperatures will fall, but I’m not expecting anything South of 70 degrees during this forecast period during the day. Evenings will initially be in the chilly 40s, but will slowly climb into the cooler 50s as the front moves in. By Tuesday the cooler and drier airmass will move in, bringing sunny skies and lower humidity back until at least next weekend.

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