01/08 Ryan’s “Frigid” Friday Night Forecast

It pains me to report we’re in for a few nights of absolutely frigid weather ahead. Tonight’s low will fall as low as 32 degrees on the waterfront, meaning inland areas will see the upper 20s. Winds will weaken some, but will still remain near 5 mph in the early morning hours. That means there won’t be much of a wind chill, but it will feel even colder. We won’t get much reprieve as the sun comes up either! Expect a high near 51 degrees with sunny skies and light winds.

Expect to see a bit more warming as the start of the week rolls around, but that’s right when the possibility of winter weather moves in.

About an hour before sunrise, a low will pass to the south of us. This will bring snow to parts of Northern MS, but a freezing rain/sleet mix could push as far as South MS. It isn’t very likely, but it’s enough to be concerning. Stay tuned for further updates.

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