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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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10/09 Ryan’s “Windy & Wet” Friday Night Forecast

Delta had made landfall and continues to push inland, largely missing South MS.

10/09 Ryan’s “Delta’s Landfall” Friday Evening Forecast

Delta is land falling in Southwest Louisiana, missing us but bringing at least a few issues to the South MS area.

05/13 Ryan’s “Muggy, Windy” Wednesday Evening Forecast

A stiff southerly breeze has increased dewpoints into "muggy" territory, and it doesn't get much better until next week.

05/06 – Brantly’s “Very Dry” Wednesday Forecast

After a hot day yesterday, temperatures will be cooler today topping out only in the lower 80s this afternoon. Dry conditions are expected with...

04/22 – Rob Knight’s “Windy” Wednesday Forecast

The next 36 hours will deliver showers/t-storms to the area with some of these becoming strong to severe. The first of these looks to...

03/31 Ryan’s “Chilly Again” Tuesday Night Forecast

Coldest and driest air we've seen in quite some time is moving in, so get ready for some sunny weather and clear skies.

02/26 – Rob Knight’s “Windy” Wednesday Morning Forecast

A cold front is currently moving east of the area this morning. Temperatures will either stabilize or move a few degrees lower through the day...

02/20 – Brantly’s “Cold and Windy” Thursday Night Forecast

Sunny skies return tomorrow, but they will come with much colder temperatures. Low temperatures overnight will dip into the mid 30s with gusty winds...

11/11 Ryan’s “Warmest Day” Monday Night Forecast

Today was the last time we'll see the 70s for a little while, very cold temperatures moving in.

11/08 Ryan’s “Clearing” Friday Evening Forecast

The front has moved on, but the cloud cover will remain through most of the night before clearing into a beautiful fall weekend.

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