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Tropical Storm Barry develops in the Gulf

The storm threatening much of the Gulf Coast has reached sustained winds of 40 miles per hour as of this afternoon. It’s been named...

6/24 – Rob’s “Rainy” Monday Morning Forecast

Early this morning, regional radars show a line of thunderstorms moving into the area

6/23 – Payton’s Sunday Night Forecast

Maybe some relief for you Monday in the form of rain!

6/18 – Rob’s “Stormy Start” Tuesday Morning Forecast

Tuesday: Hot, Humid & Stormy At Times

Ryan’s “Rainy Start” Monday Night Forecast

We'll see drier days ahead, but we're in for a wet start to the week....

06/17 Ryan’s “Rainy Start” Monday Evening Forecast

Not too much rain over the weekend, but we're going to be starting this week off on the wetter side....

6/4 – Heavy Rainfall likely from Tropical Disturbance in the Gulf.

Heavy Rainfall likely from Tropical Disturbance in the Gulf.

5/30 – Payton’s Thursday Morning Forecast

Minor changes to the forecast, but still hot and humid.

5/17 – Payton’s Friday Afternoon Forecast

Soak up the sunshine! Rain chances this weekend.

05/10 Ryan’s “Drier?” Friday Evening Forecast

Not much rain today so far, but we're going to see plenty more through the weekend....

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