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12/27 – Rob Knight’s “Disruptive Weather” Morning Forecast

A disruptive start to the day with areas of patchy fog and light rain moving across the viewing area/region...

12/7 – Rob Knight’s “WINTRY MIX” Forecast

A COLD start to the day as rain continues...with a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY in effect overnight through Friday morning...

11/16 – Rob’s Warm & Humid Thursday Morning Forecast

Clear skies last night led to cooling, coupled radiational with a more humid air mass, areas of PATCHY DENSE FOG has developed...

11/6 – Rob’s Warm/Humid Early November Forecast

Disruptive weather to start off the work week...DENSE FOG has developed with an ADVISORY in effect through mi-morning...

11/3 – Rob’s “Warm & Humid” 1st Weekend of November Forecast

Another warm & humid start with above seasonal conditions and areas of DENSE FOG. A DENSE FOG ADVISORY is in effect through mid-morning...

11/2 – Rob’s “Warm & Humid” Forecast

A WARM/HUMID start to the day has developed areas of PATCHY DENSE fog along the coastal counties...

10/10 – Rob’s “Disruptive Morning” Weather Forecast

With a very saturated air mass in place, DISRUPTIVE WEATHER is in the area once again in the form of FOG, and ADVISORY is in effect...

2/6 – Rob’s Warm/Humid Workweek Forecast

After a cooler weekend with lower humidity, warmer air has returned with areas of DENSE FOG this morning...

1/17 – Rob’s “Disruptive Wx/Severe Threat” Tuesday Morning Forecast

With Spring-Like conditions of very warm/humid air along the SE, DENSE FOG has developed along the Southern 6...

1/11 – Rob’s Warmer & Foggy Forecast

The warm and humid air mass continues to move in from the Gulf providing for areas of patchy fog...

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