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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Tags Cloudy Skies

Tag: Cloudy Skies

6/26 – Rob’s “HOT, HUMID & HAZY” Weekend Forecast

A very HOT afternoon ahead especially when we factor in the Heat Index...

1/31 – Rob’s “Super Bowl Weekend” Forecast

Rain has departed but the cloud coverage will continue into the weekend...

1/31 – Rob Knight’s “Rainy Morning” Forecast

Spotty light rain is moving in from the SW this morning...

11/8 – Rob’s “Veterans Day Weekend” Forecast

Clouds continue to linger with gusting winds from the north at 15-25 mph...

09/19 Ryan’s “Soggy” Thursday Evening Forecast

First "significant" rain we've seen in a while is moving in, but it's looking much drier after.

2/15 – Rob Knight’s “WARM/HUMID” Weekend Forecast

Cloudy skies continue with a few spots of very light rain across the Southern 6 counties...

4/23 – Rob’s Monday Morning Forecast

After a RAINY Sunday, an area of low-pressure in W'tern Tennessee will keep clouds in the area...

2/23 – Rob’s Possible “SEVERE THREAT” Weekend Forecast

Isolated showers have been moving into the area with a few t-storms on-tap this afternoon...

2/12 – Rob’s Monday/Mardi Gras Forecast

A cooler and cloudy start to the workweek, with areas of patchy fog along the coastal counties...

6/2 – Rob Knight’s “SOGGY” 1st Weekend of June Forecast

A break from the rain this morning...BUT areas of PATCHY DENSE FOG have developed along the Southern 6...

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Update on Zeta in Biloxi

News 25’s Grant Chighizola is in Biloxi this evening monitoring conditions.