12/5 – Brittany’s “Gloomy But Cool” Monday Evening Forecast

Low clouds and even some haze/light fog has been impacting the region outside of the light rain. The warm front retreated quickly and even by this morning was already north of the area and we are now in a WAA regime. This could set the stage for marine fog again, especially over coastal MS where the waters are in the lower and mid 60s with dewpoints approaching the upper 60s to near 70.

Again in the short term like the last few days the primary forecast issue is fog potential tonight. Tonight temps will be slow to fall and across western portions of the area there has been enough WAA and dewpoint recovery that may keep these areas in the mid to upper 60s to overnight lows but farther to the east and especially over coastal MS there is greater potential to cool a little more and drop through the dewpoints just a bit. Given the cooler waters over MS Sound and slight southerly wind, feel the only area that has a real shot of dense fog will be coastal Ms and MS Sound. We will issue a dense fog advisory but only for that area and expand it if needed.

The rest of the short term forecast will be quiet. The ridge will continue to dominate the Gulf with weak zonal or wsw flow aloft. This will keep any subtle impulse from moving into the region and thus likely keeping the area mostly dry. Temperatures will continue to be above to well above normal.

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