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3/15 – Rob Knight’s Wednesday “Midday News” Forecast

Clear skies last night had COLD temps earlier this morning with mid-levels moving across the southern 6, which have cleared the area...

3/14 – Rob’s Chilly Tuesday Morning Forecast

In the wake of last night's cold front, it's a CHILLY start with partly cloudy skies through the area...

3/2 – Rob’s “Sunny, cool & Breezy” Midday Forecast

After a cloudy start this morning, breezy conditions along with a north winds have moved in along with thin U/L clouds...

12/29 – Rob Knight’s Thursday “Midday News” Forecast

After a few showers associated with frontal passage earlier this morning...clearing skies have begun with VERY WINDY CONDITIONS.

11/14 – Rob’s Monday Morning Forecast

The cloud shield which plagued the area through the weekend, is now moving to the east...

11/9 – Rob’s “Hump Day” Forecast

Constant light rain from last night continues, but is moving to the east this morning...

5/3 – Rob’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

As the cold front moves further east, drier air will begin to clear the clouds...

5/3 – Rob’s Tuesday Morning Forecast

The cold front has moved east leaving areas of DENSE FOG and a few light showers...

4/22 – Rob’s “Friday Afternoon” Forecast

skies continue to clear as the cold front moves out of our area...

2/4 – Rob’s “Weekend Parade” Forecast

A cold start with a few clouds departing the area to the east...