Ryan’s “Winter Weather?” Wednesday Forecast

Yesterdays cold front brought the wind, rain, and cooler temperatures, but it’s the possible winter weather that has everyone talking. The front has moved South but is becoming stationary, and will remain close enough that it and it’s upper level support will continue bringing rain and overcast skies to the region. As this system finally begins to leave the area on Friday morning, temperatures will fall to freezing or below, and we’ll be left with several hours where any precipitation could be frozen. Freezing rain and sleet are the most likely, but even some light flurries are possible from about 3 A.M. until 8 A.M Friday morning. Computer models are all over the place on the total accumulation, with some as high as 6″ and others as low as 0.5″, but I think 2″ is much more realistic as a “worst case scenario.” After Friday, local conditions dry drastically and the skies clear, allowing for several sunny days, but don’t expect any additional warmth. Temperatures will remain in the mid 40s until Saturday, when they’ll climb back into the 50s but will linger there for the rest of the week as this Arctic airmass is reinforced throughout the week.

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