freezing rain

Ryan's "Snow in South MS" Friday Forecast

As we finished the afternoon shows earlier today the winter weather was beginning to taper off, but the coldest temperatures are still coming in. Watch the full forecast for details.

12/07 Ryan's "Wintry Mix" Thursday Night Forecast

The rain continued its on-again/off-again pattern through the day, but night will bring conditions conducive to the creation of freezing rain/sleet or even snow flurries. Watch the full forecast for details.

12/07 Ryan's "Winter Weather" Thursday Forecast

Winter weather is moving into South MS, but it remains to be seen just how much we will actually see and whether it will accumulate. Watch the full forecast for the latest and stay tuned for updates.

Ryan's "Winter Weather?" Wednesday Forecast

Yesterday's cold front brought rain and colder temperatures, but we haven't seen the last of either just yet. Even winter weather may make an appearance before the week is up, but you'll have to watch the forecast for details.