Ryan’s “Sea Breeze” Thursday Forecast

Today’s sea breeze tried its best, but only one tiny, short-lived shower managed to form inland. We’ll begin to see more and more of this type of activity heading into summer, but it’s still a little too dry and stable for any real activity to form. For now though the beautiful sunny days will continue.

Afternoons remain in the mid-to-low 80s through the weekend, but nights climb quickly out of the 60s and into the low 70s as the humidity rises.

Clouds begin to gather Saturday evening, but rain isn’t expected until Sunday. The heaviest activity will come through just after noon and while it’s too early for an official determination on Severe Weather from the SPC, at least a few thunderstorms are looking likely. Either way, some rain and cloud cover will linger into Monday, but will clear rapidly after that leading to another sunny week. Expect much warmer conditions though as an upper level ridge will bring a large dome of heat to the Southeast.

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