Ryan’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

The beautiful, sunny days we had over the weekend continued today, and the Monday afternoon forecast calls for a few more pleasant days. Tonight will be a bit cooler, near 64, with clear skies and light winds from the South, which will shift Eastward in the morning. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will have predominantly sunny skies, with a few clouds early on, but the drier conditions slowly give way to higher humidity levels as we move towards the weekend. There won’t be a drastic change to the forecast until late Friday, when it looks like a weak front will move through the area, increasing cloud cover but keeping rain chances low. That’s how we’ll head into Memorial Day weekend, with Saturday having the highest chance of rain, but overall you can expect more sun than rain. Memorial day itself looks absolutely beautiful, and will be a great day to spend time with family members remembering the sacrifices of our armed services.

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