Ryan’s “Hot Wednesday Night” Forecast

Another hot day in the books and it looks like we’re in for a hot Wednesday night as well. Expect clearing skies and a low near 80 for tonight. Tomorrow will be another sunny and hot day, with a high near 92, light cloud cover, and rain chances near slim-to-none. The heat advisory we had today was extended into tomorrow, so remember to do your best to protect yourself during long periods of outdoor exposure. Hydration is very important to consider even if you aren’t spending lots of time in direct sunlight. Things still aren’t expected to change very much over the next several days though. Temperatures will remain in the low to mid 90s, cloud cover will continue to stay light and patchy, and afternoon showers will be expected during the hottest parts of the day. We’ll see a bit more rain and cloud cover as we start off next week and thankfully that will cool us off just a bit, only into the low 90s.

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