Founder of the Rainbow Center Resigns

The LGBTQ community suffered a blow today as the founder and executive director of the Rainbow Center resigned.
Jeff B. White has been an activist for LGBT rights here in Mississippi, not only founding the Gulf Coast Rainbow Center but also leading and organizing rallies and protests for equal rights for years. This past week, White has been under constant attack on social media from the very community he fought for, stemming from comments he made on Facebook about the way he identifies himself.
After a week of abuse, White has decided to remove himself from the Rainbow Center is the hopes the verbal assaults will end. He harbors no ill will against anyone and has a message for people struggling with the way they identify: “The one thing that we get taught more than anything else in this community is that you are not allowed to define a human being, by your own beliefs, by any definition in any book ever, anywhere. We define ourselves, that’s what our pride is about. That’s why we have pride in ourselves, that’s why we have pride in our community, because we stand up for ourselves and we don’t put up with this crap.”
White went on to say the Rainbow Center will still be there and he will support it in any way he can.

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