9/14 – Payton’s Thursday Morning Forecast

One final day of nice weather across South Mississippi before the rain returns. Today we will continue to see southerly winds increase moisture in the area, but ran will hold off until tomorrow. Temperatures will be in the lower to mid 80s with winds out of the south at 5-10 mph. Friday will be similar, but include showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. This trend continues into the weekend.

Hurricane Jose continues to move west as a category one storm. It will make a right turn to the north, and the East Coast will have to monitor this closely as it moves toward the north. South Mississippi will not feel and effects from this storm. There are a few areas of showers and thunderstorms in the Atlantic that have the potential to develop into a tropical system over the next few days, but they are a way out. We will continue to watch these areas as they move westward.

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