7/27 – Rob Knight’s “Very Warm Start” Wednesday Morning Forecast

Today through Friday, the current pattern continues with the upper level high pressure and daily showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Very moist air along with erratic thunderstorm development thanks to sea-breezes and the like could run into a similar issue as yesterday where intense rates of rain could cause some localized flooding in a few spots before shutting off again around sunset. This will be the case through the rest of the work week. Although there may be one or two spots that could reach 108 degrees or higher in the area today, The NWS has held off on a heat advisory due to the isolated nature. Current forecast has rain chances in the 30 to 50 range so that along with any leftover cloud debris from storms should help keep the lid on widespread heat. This is likely to be the case through the rest of the week as well although definitely don’t want to completely rule it out. An easterly wave depicted on models could bring a bit high rain chances Thursday and Friday as it moves NW through the region.

The high pressure should build back in west and northward and generally rain chances will go down some back into the 30% range. This will bring back in some of the warmer temperatures again. These temperatures at least will be around what is normal for this time of year in the area. Heat advisories might be needed again next week depending on how strong the ridge will build back in.

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