7/22 – Rob Knight, “Wet Start” Workweek Forecast

A cold front on its way and models actually bring the front through and into the gulf. The front may slow as it moves through and take most of the day Tuesday/night to get offshore. With a very saturated atmosphere, HEAVY RAINFALL cloud be prevalent through the area along with waterspouts in the outer coastal. Temperatures will be cool Tuesday mainly due to cloud cover but as the dry air starts to filter into the area, this will be felt as well.

Wed the dry air should be in place with dew-point temps in the 60s and highs in the mid to upper 80s. Even though, the temps are warm, it won’t feel so bad as the dry air will cause these temps to feel relatively nice for this time of year. This is a fairly rare occurrence for this time of year, not that we don’t get cold front. This air will be modified, but it will keep enough of the cool air to keep the area nice.

Thursday will see the front stall over the gulf and begin to slowly move back to the area while weakening. As what is left of the front moves back through the area Friday, a surge of deep moisture will move back into the area bringing with it a sudden rise in precip numbers once again.

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