6/13 – Rob’s “Hump Day” Morning Forecast

Another round of showers/t-storms will bring the odds of getting a severe thunderstorm with HEAVY RAIN and STRONG WINDS.

Storm motion today is zero, which signals that each thunderstorm will develop along and move very slowly. High rainfall areas are very localized but torrential rain could occurs over a short period and leads to the flooding of low lying and poor drainage areas. There could be a little less coverage where thick cloud cover is able to hang on through the day.

The next item will be a complex of showers/t-storms that is currently dropping south through northern Mississippi. Severity is not looking like an issue with this and numbers confirm this idea. But it will be moving very slowly and could make for some higher additional totals of rainfall for those locations that receive rain during the day. Activity associated with this feature should weaken during the day today but start developing again around sunset and hang in the area through much of tonight.

Plume of tropical moisture still expected along the Texas and SW La coast by the end of the week.

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