2/3 – Rob Knight’s “Warmer” Midday News Forecast

The main concern in the next 72 hours is the cold front coming in Thursday night or Friday. We will be rather quiet for the next 48 hours however you will notice a significant change across the region from what we see today and what it will feel like on Thursday.

Thursday night and Friday, The first in a wave of disturbances will work through the area. This is expected to drive a cold front into the area early Friday and could be in the Gulf shortly after sunrise. After the front gets in the Gulf how much farther south it works is in question. Rain could even come to an end be midday/early afternoon if the front moves fast enough and far enough to the south. Confidence in the forecast past Saturday is very low. Don’t be surprised to see large changes in the forecast for Sunday and early next week as we get later into the work week and get a better feel of the pattern.

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