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Saturday, October 31, 2020
Tags Sunny & Cool

Tag: Sunny & Cool

3/6 – Rob Knight’s “Daylight Saving Time Begins” Weekend Forecast

After a COLD start, temperatures are warming nicely into the 60s under sunny skies and breezy conditions...

3/6 – Rob Knight’s “Sunny & Breezy” Friday Morning Forecast

A cold start to the day with a few upper-level clouds clearing to the SE...

2/28 – Rob Knight’s “COLD” Friday Morning Forecast

Another very cold start to the day but the warm up will begin later this afternoon and through the weekend...

2/14 – Rob’s “Sunny & Cool” Valentine’s Day Forecast

The majority of clearing occurred overnight with a few clouds linger this morning, along with cold temperatures...

1/24 – Rob’s “Sunny & Cool” Midday News Forecast

Clouds cleared earlier this morning with an abundance of sunshine heading into the afternoon...

12/18 – Rob’s “Winter-Like” Afternoon Forecast

After a COLD start, sunny skies and cool temperatures dominate the area...

5/15 – Rob’s “Mid-Week” Morning Forecast

A BEAUTIFUL start to the day under clear skis and cool temperatures...

2/13 – Rob’s Midday News “Sunny & Cool” Forecast

Beautiful blue skies continues as temperatures warm...now in the mid/upper 50s...

11/22 – Rob Knight’s “THANKSGIVING DAY” Morning Forecast

Light rainfall is moving east across the N'tern Gulf of Mexico with a few light sprinkles skirting the viewing area...

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10/30 Ryan’s “Chilly” Friday Night Forecast

Another chilly night in the upper 40s, but slightly warmer weather is ahead...just doesn't last long before another cold front moves in.

10/30 Ryan’s “Cool” Friday Evening Forecast

Another cool evening ahead before we move into quite a chilly night, but a little warm-up is on the way.


With continued power outages, five distribution centers will open in Hancock and Harrison Counties. Distribution Center Operating Hours:     SATURDAY, October 31:   1 PM – 6...