1/2 – Rob’s “Bitter Cold” Tuesday Morning Forecast

Two main short wave features are showing up in WV imagery this morning. The first is over central Manitoba, which will not affect us. The second shows up as deep dry air over southern Montana and Wyoming. This one will affect us and it will be responsible for drawing some moisture northward very slowly late today. The moisture should be deep enough to squeeze some snowflakes over SE Louisiana…but cannot rule out a flurry or two along coastal counties. Models are also indicating some measurable precipitation in these same areas as well and this brings up the chance of a snow amount instead of flurries. There is a big difference in snow amount and accumulation. The idea is there will be a measurable snow amount that falls but it will not be enough to accumulate. So a 10:1 ratio would show a .10″ of snow amount with a .01″ while there will be no accumulation. As confusing as this may be, a simplified version can be written like this; Light snow may occur over SE Louisiana locations tonight with a few areas receiving some snowfall slightly heavier than flurries. The cold temperatures will be the biggest issue through the next few days. All areas are into the 20s this morning and still falling.

A warming trend will begin by the weekend but is not expected to last long. Another cold front should move through the area by Monday bringing back the cold air with a reinforcing surge by mid-week. A warming trend should begin again by the end of next week.

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