12/11 Ryan’s “Finally Cloudy” Friday Evening Forecast

Finally cloudy after a week of boring, beautiful, and dry weather, but rain holds off until the weekend. The cloud cover will continue to build into the night, leading to an even warmer low than last night, now up to 60. There are no dense fog advisories despite being even more humid than last night, but some light to patchy fog is likely.

While the clouds arrived today, the rain will wait until tomorrow.

Expect it to begin around 8 AM and slowly creep across South MS over the next 10 hours or so. The cloud cover and rain will allow for a few degrees of cooling, bringing the high down to 70. Severe weather isn’t expected, but a thunderstorm isn’t out of the question.

We’ll begin to see some clearing as early as Saturday night, but another front will squeeze through Sunday evening.

This one carries the same low chance of severe weather and thunderstorms, and will allow for cooler and drier air to move in after. Expect to begin next week the same way we began this one, with average temps and clear skies.

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