12/07 Ryan’s “Great Start” Monday Evening Forecast

We’re off to another great start this week in regards to weather, and little is changing until the weekend. In fact, the only thing changing will be the temperature and humidity, as cloud cover and rain will remain a non-issue until Saturday. Expect tonight to be the coldest we’ll see this week with a low falling to near 36 on the waterfront.

Not ruling out patchy fog near riverbanks/lakes/ponds, but it won’t be more noticeable issue until the end of the week.

Tomorrow will be nice and “average” with a high of 60 and clear, sunny skies. As we head through each new day and night this week, expect to warm a couple of degrees until Saturday morning. This will take us from tomorrow’s high of 60, to just over 70 as warmer air rushes in to meet our next front. That means we’ll see a few showers and storms as the week ends, just to clear by Monday…returning us to cool, dry, and sunny days.

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