12/03 Ryan’s “Warming Up” Tuesday Forecast

Today began near or below freezing, but starting tonight we’ll begin warming up considerably. That’s not to say by any means it’ll be “warm” in the short term, but will certainly be “warmer.”

Expect tonight’s low to climb into the upper 30s, and continue climbing into the upper 50s by Thursday night.

High changes won’t be as drastic, only rising from 67 degrees tomorrow to 71 by Friday. That influx of warm, moist air will be due to our next “weather-maker” moving in. The Friday front doesn’t seem to have much severe potential, but a few factors indicate a few strong thunderstorms are possible. We’ll continue to update you as it moves closer. The cooling behind this front won’t be very significant, and we’ll bounce back into the low 70s again by Monday. These changes will be short-lived as yet another front closes in.

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