11/30 Ryan’s “Slight Risk” Friday Evening Forecast

The weather has been rather benign so far, but storms are brewing and severe weather could be moving in later tonight. Whether or not we actually see any damaging weather, heavy showers and strong thunderstorms are certain.

The worst weather appears to be moving in from the southwest between the hours of 3 AM-6 AM, but that’s not to say it couldn’t speed up or slow down over the next few hours.

The thunderstorms will continue into Saturday morning and afternoon, but we’ll begin seeing slightly cooler and drier air moving in as early as sunset. Expect the skies to remain clear for most of Sunday, but the tail end of tonight’s front swings back through Sunday night and Monday which will bring cloudy skies and scattered showers back. However, there is one more cold front swinging through Monday night which will finally push the moisture away. That means our Spring-like days will be over and the mild Fall days and chilly nights return.

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