11/21 – Rob Knight’s “Warmer/Humid” Afternoon Forecast

Southerly flow off the Gulf of Mexico will continue to advect warmer air from the central Gulf, and this will push temperatures back into the lower to middle 70s today. The strong southerly flow off the Gulf will finally advect deeper moisture during the day tomorrow, and expect to see thicker cloud cover and increased rain chances develop by tomorrow afternoon across the northwest third of the forecast area.

A deepening low-pressure system will produce a fairly strong cold front by tomorrow afternoon across the southern Plains states. This front will sweep through the forecast area late Friday night into Saturday morning. The front should sweep through the area by midday Saturday, and high temperatures should occur in the morning hours across the area. Cooler and drier air should begin to quickly advect into the area, and have a have dry forecast in place by the evening hours. Temperatures should fall from the upper 60s and lower 70s Saturday morning into the upper 50s and lower 60s by the evening hours. By late Saturday night, temperatures should drop into the 40s.

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