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4/2 – Rob’s “Beautiful” Afternoon Forecast

A lovely afternoon ahead with a few upper clouds and mild temperatures...

11/21 – Rob Knight’s “Warmer/Humid” Afternoon Forecast

Temperatures are warming as thin upper-level clouds continue to stream across south Mississippi...

9/16 – Rob Knight’s “Final Week of Summer” Forecast

A warm start to the workweek with temperatures in the low 70s as upper-level clouds move across the area...

6/12 – Rob Knight’s “Low Humidity” Afternoon Forecast

Upper-level clouds moving across the area will thin over the next few hours...

6/12 – Rob “BEAUTIFUL” Wednesday Morning Forecast

Cool temperatures and lower humidity as you head out the door this morning...

3/18 – Rob Knight’s “Midday News’ Monday Afternoon Forecast

Upper-level cloud continue as temperatures are slow to warm this afternoon...

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