11/12 Ryan’s “Hard Freeze” Tuesday Forecast

Yesterday’s temperatures were in the 70s, but today Hard Freeze Warnings are in effect for South MS. An Arctic air mass began filling in earlier today behind last night’s front, and temperatures in the 20s are on the way! Tonight’s low will fall to 26 degrees in Gulfport, but inland areas will be even colder. Winds from the north remain in place as well, so expect a wind chill in the upper teens.

These conditions will linger for at least 8 hours, and can be harmful, even deadly, to sensitive vegetation and outdoor pets.

If at all possible, please bring in your pets this evening or provide extra bedding. Plants should be covered or brought inside if portable. Thankfully it will begin warming rather quickly.

Wednesday afternoon’s high will climb into the low 50s, and we’ll continue warming each day for the rest of the week.

Nights begin warming as well, but will see a small setback as a weak front moves in Thursday night. Overall, with the exception of Thursday’s rain chances this week is looking largely sunny and cool.

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