10/27 Ryan’s Clear Thursday Night Forecast

Thursday stared out as expected with a bit more cloud cover, but it didn’t last long and we’re looking at a clear and cooler night. Evening low will drop down to 62 on the waterfront and run a bit cooler inland, and due to light winds and high humidity we’ll see more patchy fog development. Any fog will dissipate shortly after sunrise (7:07 am), and we’ll end up with a sunny, drier, but still warm day with a low near 82. The next several days are all very similar after that. Temperatures will remain in the low 80s but will fluctuate a bit day to day. Strong ridging moves across the area through the beginning of the week and will begin to weaken by Wednesday, which is the next time we’ll see a significant bump in cloud cover.

There is one disturbance the Caribbean sea, but it is not expected to impact the Gulf Coast.

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