10/25 Ryan’s “Mid 40s” Wednesday Night Forecast

As expected, we weren’t able to climb out of the upper 60s this afternoon but I don’t think many will complain, and we’ve got another night in the mid 40s this evening. The relative humidity lingered around 30% this afternoon, which is about as low as I’ve ever seen it for a South MS day in the 60s. Sadly this textbook fall weather won’t linger forever, and we’ll begin seeing the humidity and temperature rising as early as tomorrow afternoon after “return flow” sets up. The temperatures will continue to climb through Friday afternoon, which should reach the mid-to-upper 70s, but that’s right when we’re expecting a cold front to begin moving through the area. The front will pass between Friday evening and Saturday morning, bringing breezy and cool conditions as early as Saturday afternoon, and much colder and drier air behind!

The disturbance in the Atlantic is still meandering in the SW Caribbean Sea, and is not expected to enter the Gulf regardless of its development. It still has a moderate (40%) chance of forming within the next 5 days, but frontal interactions around Sunday will limit its chance of any significant development.

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