10/30 Ryan’s “Cool” Friday Evening Forecast

Nice and cool this evening, but another chilly night lies ahead. Expect the low to tumble into the upper 40s, specifically near 48 degrees on the coast and cooler inland. Skies will remain clear with light, northerly winds. Little changes visibly tomorrow as sunny skies return, but it will warm slightly to 70 degrees for the afternoon high. Expect some high, wispy clouds to drift in on the back end of Saturday as return flow sets up.

This will increase the humidity slightly, but the dewpoint won’t even climb out of the 50s so it’ll be barely noticeable.

This trend continues into Sunday, but that evening another front will pass through quietly which cools things down all over again. That means we’ll begin next week the same way we finished this one: cool, sunny, and dry as we head into November.

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