10/25 Ryan “Nasty” Friday Evening Forecast

Today’s weather has been downright nasty as a front and a tropical storm collide in the Northern Gulf. That basically means there will be enough rising, cooling air and moisture to keep showers and thunderstorms overhead for the rest of the night.

At least a few showers will linger into tomorrow morning as well, but expect things to clear up pretty quickly after lunch.

Conditions behind this front will be cooler and drier, just not by very much at first. We’ll finish off the weekend enjoying mostly sunny days with temperatures slowly warming from the low 70s into the upper 70s by Tuesday.

Wednesday will cool some as our next weather-maker moves in, but it doesn’t look like there will be much rain with this front.

It will however bring considerably colder and drier air into South MS. Highs will fall from the low 70s into the mid 60s by Thursday afternoon, but Halloween night looks particularly cold in the low 40s. Temperatures begin creeping up again by the weekend.


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