10/21 Ryan’s “Grey & Damp” Monday Forecast

Started off this week a bit on the damp side, but we’ll make up for it with a few nearly perfect fall days. The rain dries up in a few hours, and the skies will begin clearing significantly by sunrise. I’m expecting a high of 75 degrees tomorrow with light northerly winds and sunny skies. The cooling continues into the night, leading to a few chilly mid-week nights in the low-to-mid 50s.

As we’ve learned a few times already this summer, nice fall weather doesn’t stick around long so get ready for another front before the end of the week.

Expect the clouds to gather again by Thursday night, which will turn into a stormy Friday. The Friday front will actually be a combination of a warm front in the Gulf meeting with a cold front from the north, so there won’t be much change as they wash out. The skies will clear for the weekend, but don’t expect much cooling so highs will linger in the pleasant mid-70s through the start of next week.

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