09/13 Ryan’s “Back to Normal” Wednesday Forecast

We’ve had a long string of nearly perfect summer days, but things are beginning to get back to normal in South Mississippi. “Normal” for us during summer means hot days with moderate-to-high humidity and a good chance of a few afternoon showers & thunderstorms, so we’ve still got at least one day left of this gorgeous weather before things change.

Tomorrow will still be drier and with a high near 85 degrees, and almost no chance of rain. Light winds continue from the South, which will help keep the low-level moisture content on the upswing. This continues into Friday, but we’ll begin seeing a frontal boundary moving in from the South in the early afternoon, but I don’t expect it to be anything more than a slightly enhanced seabreeze. Current rain chances are around 40% for both Friday and Saturday as this area of lower pressure lingers over the area and slowly dissipates. By the beginning of next week, we’ll be back to those normal humidity levels, and temperatures will begin to creep back into the low 90s for the first time in a while.

Jose is still out in the Atlantic, and remains a Category 1 Hurricane, but is not expected to impact the U.S. in a significant way at this time. The current forecast track has it finishing off the Southerly portion of its anti-cyclonic loop, and will head Northwest for around 2 days before turning more North-Northeast. The only area that has even the slightest threat of landfall at this time is the Northeastern coast from Connecticut to Maine, and it’s still a long shot as the storm is expected to direct more Eastward around that time and continue out to sea.

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