09/12 Ryan’s “Record Dry” Tuesday Forecast

Today was a record dry day for the Gulf Coast area! The precipitable water value was around 0.58″ this morning, but the real evidence of this was the clear skies and manageable temperatures. This weather won’t be going anywhere in the short term, but we’ll begin seeing the moisture returning by the weekend. Expect it to begin as slightly more humid days, then as showers and potential thunderstorms as we head through the weekend. Until then though, it’ll remain relatively dry, sunny, and mostly clear.

The tropics are considerably quieter. Imra and Katia dropped off the map over the last few days, but Jose remains a hurricane. Currently moving East, it’s expected to be directed Southward over the next few days, then Westward, and eventually Northward again as a mid-level high builds to its North, East, and South respectively. At his time it doesn’t look as if Jose will make landfall on the East Coast, but may come close enough to increase coastal winds and waves on Saturday and Sunday as it turns to the Northeast.

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